Bakula – an Indian plant with interesting properties

Bakula Extract – INCI Name (proposed): Mimusops elengi

There is growing demand in the cosmetics Industry for exotic plants and fruits which have interesting beneficial properties for skin and hair care.

The latest of these is an Indian tree known as Bakula.

Bakula is one of the herbs mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic scriptures and has been used for centuries in India for medicinal purpose. In “Meghaduta”, one of the highly esteemed ancient poems by the great poet Kalidasa, there is a mention of Bakula trees. [Read more…]

Exfoliation the natural way

Exfoliants are essential to any skin care regime – regular exfoliation ensures that the surface layer of the skin is renewed and looks fresher and younger.

Naturally based scrubs are increasingly popular with women looking for a gentle but effective form of exfoliation for both face and body.

Between the ages of 15-25, skin cells renew themselves approximately every 20 days. Renewal rates decline dramatically from the thirties onwards and the duration of skin cell exchange increases to about 28 days. [Read more…]