Exfoliation the natural way

Exfoliants are essential to any skin care regime – regular exfoliation ensures that the surface layer of the skin is renewed and looks fresher and younger.

Naturally based scrubs are increasingly popular with women looking for a gentle but effective form of exfoliation for both face and body.

Between the ages of 15-25, skin cells renew themselves approximately every 20 days. Renewal rates decline dramatically from the thirties onwards and the duration of skin cell exchange increases to about 28 days.

This results in thicker, duller-looking skin. At the same time the sebaceous glands become less active, making the skin slightly drier. Although no skin care product will stop this process, an effective skin care regime can help to maintain the skin in its optimum condition and accelerate the skin renewal process.

The regular use of an exfoliant assists the skin by supplementing its natural exfoliation process. Removing dead cells from the skin’s surface not only makes the skin appear fresh and healthy, it stimulates skin cell regeneration.

Most women buying skin care have been educated about the value of regular exfoliation. Dead skin prevents oxygen, moisture and nutrients from reaching the living skin. Exfoliated skin – on the other hand – is more receptive to absorbing nutrients, hydration and oxygen. Using a natural exfoliant has yet another bonus: newer skin appears more resilient and is smoother and softer.

Exfoliation is one of the simplest ways for the skin care customer to get instant, visible results for their money – if they can do it with a natural product so much the better

Most skin care customers will be familiar with Tea Tree in cosmetic and toiletry formulations – mostly oils and lotions.

Because Tea Tree has been around for a while it has built up a level of trust among the skin care buying public that is useful in the marketing of new products.

Few people though will be aware that the leaves of the Tea Tree shrub – Melaleuca alternifolia – can also be used as a highly active natural exfoliant.

The minutely meshed, leaf particles in the form of ground leaf or powder provide a gentle exfoliating action which helps unblock pores and remove dirt, grime, and excess dermal flaking. The added therapeutic properties of Tea tree leaf make it ideal for use in problem skin care products.

Tea Tree – in powder or ground leaf form – is ideal as a natural texturizer for use in facial cleansers, scrubs, creams and soap products where gentle abrasion is required with an anti-bacterial effect especially in an all natural product range.

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