Edelweiss – Leontopodium alpinum

Everybody knows the famous song from the Sound of Music – Edeleweiss

Edelweiss or Leontopodium alpinum is an herbaceous plant of the family Asteraceae which grows spontaneously on mountain ranges from the Pyrenees and the Alps to the Himalayas.
It is a rare and strictly protected plant and with its characteristic appearance, it has become the symbol of Alpine flora.
In order to survive the extreme conditions and low temperatures where it grows, the Edelweiss plant has had to develop many defensive mechanisms to protect itself from high level exposure to solar radiation.
Scientific studies have demonstrated the presence in the plant of powerful antioxidants and other substances with both anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective properties.

These include the natural actives – Leontopodic acids A and B, Chlorogenic acid, and 3, 5-dicaffeoylquinic acid, which have anti-hyaluronidasic and anti-collagenasic activity. Also present are Phytosterols, Amino acids, polysaccharides – with moisturizing properties and which act as plant nutrients.

Our partners in France – NAOLYS has developed a novel glycerinic extract of whole pure plant cells of Leontopodium Alpinum, with skin care benefits which exhibits strong anti-oxidant, anti-hyaluronidasic and anti-collagenasic activity.

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