Coconut Water Solids

Everyone knows how delicious Coconuts are, but not so many people may be aware of some of their health and anti-aging benefits.
Coconut milk is the sweet milky white cooking base taken from the flesh of a fully developed coconut.

However it is Coconut Water, the liquid endosperm of green tender coconuts (Cocos nucifera) which is much more interesting. The coconut is unique in that it contains large amounts of liquid endosperm for a year or more of its life. It delivers vital nutrients for sustained development of the solid endosperm (coconut flesh) found inside the fruit. At the completion of growth, the solid endosperm and the last of the coconut water provide nourishment for the forming embryo and seedling. Thus, coconut water serves the role as a reservoir of nutrients to support tissue growth.

Coconut Water is rich in proteins, amino acids, sugars, vitamins, minerals and growth factors with pivotal roles in supporting tissue growth. Shikimic acids and Quinic acids have been found in extracts of coconut water obtained from fruits at various stages of development, with the greatest amounts being found in young, green coconuts. These Alicyclic acids participate in aromatic biosynthesis, and are therefore significant in the growth and development of the budding coconut.
These compounds along with identified Cytokinins also play an important role in the nourishment and growth of plant and animal cells

Coconut Water is a refreshing beverage, a natural re-hydration medium, and is used as a supplement in nutrient media for tissue culture. Because it offers higher amounts of electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium than regular sports drinks, coconut water is known as a “natural isotonic sports drink.”

An innovative company – Sabinsa Corporation, has developed a proprietary and patented freeze drying process which produces a stable composition of coconut water with its inherent biological activity preserved. The resulting product is an amorphous solid, which is easy to work into food and personal care formulations. Protein components and environment sensitive actives are protected by the amorphous nature of the solid, during subsequent processing. During storage, the material changes to the more stable, less hygroscopic, crystalline state.

This product is known as Cococin™. Sabinsa ensure that the green coconuts are harvested at the right stage of maturity to guarantee optimal content of RNA and growth factors, including Shikimic acid, Quinic acid and Indole-3-acetic acid, essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals and growth hormones.

Sabinsa carried out a clinical study to check on the efficacy of the freeze dried Coconut water solids in reducing the appearance of skin aging.

22 females in good health of ages 20-35 years old were subjects in a double blind placebo controlled clinical study
Members of this group had no known history of allergy, and did not have any skin diseases. Only those not taking any medication or antioxidants, and not having participated in any similar trial for at least 4 weeks before this trial were included in the study.

A cream was prepared containing 1.00% coconut water solids – Cococin™ and was applied onto the left arm of each subject, and the cream base was applied onto the corresponding area of the right arm, to serve as control.
200 mg of the cream and cream base was applied daily for eight weeks, to the marked areas on the left arm and right arm respectively.
Percentage reductions in skin roughness and modifications in skin elasticity were used to evaluate the product. Skin roughness was evaluated using a Skin Visiometer and dermal elasticity was measured using a Cutometer. The percentage decrease in skin roughness and change in elasticity affected by the test product were compared with that of the placebo.

The results of the study were conclusive and showed that treatment with the cream containing Cococin™ significantly improved skin elasticity (>30% after 60 days), which was manifested in decreased skin roughness and improved skin tone.

The conclusion is that Cococin™ when used at the recommended level of 1 – 5%s in creams and lotions nurtures keratinous tissue, and supports tissue integrity, thereby potentially inhibiting the appearance of the signs of aging and the manifestation of wrinkles. Sabinsa claim that Cococin™ can effectively be used for oral and topical applications and serves as a natural pool of nutrients and growth factors that support healthy aging.

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