The hard nut that creates naturally soft skin

There is nothing unfamiliar or startling about the walnut. But – despite their familiarity – walnuts can be used as an attractive exfoliating ingredient in any natural skin care range.

Walnuts are well known and loved as a food. They have associations for the Western consumer of treats – cakes, Christmas holidays, luscious puddings, chocolate fillings, rich toffee sauces, salad oils.

Walnut wood has associations of luxury and style with its deep richly coloured patina and quality finish. The nut itself is visually intricate and appealing. [Read more…]

Exfoliation the natural way

Exfoliants are essential to any skin care regime – regular exfoliation ensures that the surface layer of the skin is renewed and looks fresher and younger.

Naturally based scrubs are increasingly popular with women looking for a gentle but effective form of exfoliation for both face and body.

Between the ages of 15-25, skin cells renew themselves approximately every 20 days. Renewal rates decline dramatically from the thirties onwards and the duration of skin cell exchange increases to about 28 days. [Read more…]